Help! What to do with this sub driver.

I could really use some help. I bought four of these drivers through Parts Express for about $20 each.

GRS 12SW-4 12" Poly Cone Subwoofer 4 Ohm

They seem decent enough with an ok Xmax of 8.5mm. My original idea was to make a manifold and use all four of them in an "infinite baffle" in the attic with a 15" X 15" port through the ceiling. I asked for suggestions on a couple of forums specializing in IB and they advised that the drivers would probably tear themselves up and not last.

I am hoping the collective minds hear at DIY Audio can offer some good ideas on how to best use them. I have thought about dual H-Frame, ripole, U-Frame, etc and none seem ideal.

This is for a small room approximately 12' by 12' (144 sq ft) where the mix is about 80% TV/Movies and 20% music. I don't listen near reference level (too loud for me) but do like a clean full sound. It would be great if the end result is not a humongous box. I have played around in WinISD, but I am not knowledgeable enough to translate a simulation into a working subwoofer. I don't have an amplifier yet, but felt I would use an Inuke DSP model or similar so I have the ability to adjust crossovers and PEQ.

The more information you can provide, the better. Design plans, dimensions, etc. I will post my finished results once its completed since these are popular sub drivers (due to their price) and other members could benefit from the information.

Thanks all.
I'd want to use them infinite baffle as you initially thought. Most of the IB guys like exceptionally high-output bass systems (as do I) but if you're careful with the volume knob and put a 20hz high-pass on them they should do pretty well for most things. Consider getting another quad, testing them into matched pairs, and doing push-pull IB manifolds in 4 different locations (think PPSL) above the speaker locations. Vary the distances to the walls, and you'll get some of the "swarm" effect for subs. With 4 pairs you should have plenty of output and they'll not be overworked, you could even try slowly sliding the high-pass down to 15 or even 10hz, depending upon the balance of volume level you're looking at.

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What room size do have? What amplifier are you using to drive them? What other subwoofers have you used to compare the sound your 6 are giving you? I apprecite your reply. When I simmed them in WinISD they looked pretty good, I used a sealed design with an enclosure of 1800 cubic feet. They looked to hit Xmax at 250 watts at about 30hz.

When you say a push/pull IB manifold, what does that look like?

1800 ft3 for the backwave, and the same for the front if you count my whole first floor (open floor plan). Mine are not push pull. I used to have a single ported fifteen which is like a small midbass in comparison (no measurements). I use an inuke 1000dsp bridged tuned by ear with 2db boost at 20hz. Limiter set at 45v, six ohm load. Sorry I don't have more details.

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