help, volume control unit, fix connector, creative 4.1 4400


2013-03-31 2:42 am
Hello, I would like to ask for help in fixing the volume control unit on a Creative 4.1 4400 speaker system

The control unit cable is cut and lacks the connector to plug it to the subwoofer where it should go. I want to replace the connector. It is a 6 pin miniDIN but I do not know the color code to solder the cables.

Both in this thread and this external website there is information on fixing the other side, the control itself, instead of the connector. May there be information there which can help me?

In the images you can see the 5 cables red, green, yellow, black and white; the miniDIN connector; the subwoofer where it should all plug; and the visible part of the circuit in the volume control side.

I would appreciate any help on fixing this, it is just a waste to throw away the speakers just because of a connector, thank you very much.


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