help to identify the woofer

I have Yamaha AX10 professional loudspeakers. I'd want to identify woofers in use. They are 10", 4 screws. The magnet (which is not small) has a writing: "B10-120 100W 8<omega>". Probably, the main sign to identify is the cone. The cone (is done from paper, has dark gray color) is corrugated. An anti-dust cap has about 57mm diameter.

P.S. Probably, I mast add the cone is corrugated concentrically.

Thanks in advance!
After long googling in the internet I have concluded the driver is made by Celestion (my Yamaha dealer has the same opinion). OTOH I have not found the driver at the Celestion website. I have mailed them a request. Will see :)

Are there situation when speaker makers produces some models for some concrete firms - not for common/public sale?
Are there some rules (or, saying softer, etiquette) at such situations? Must/May loudspeakers makers supply some info about drivers?

I don't intend to insist on my rights (if I have them), just want to know common situation between loudspeakers makers and customers. I dont want to be impolite with my email-requests.
Well, I think you have the right to ask for the technical details of the speakers that are used. See it this way, if the speaker was broken you may want to replace it. But then you really need to know the TS-Parameters to get as close to the original speaker as possible.
The manufacturer doesn't have to give you the details if he doesn't want to, but he may.