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I am looking to make speakers for a room 14' by 6', and the primary listening area is only going to be in an area about 7' by 6'. This is sort of a hobby room and as such I intend for this to be a budget, however, I want to have as good quality as I possibly can. My primary listening tastes are jazz, classical, and a little classical rock so it seems full range is the way for me to go (plus the added simplicity.) I was looking at designs and found the Recommended standard bass reflex type enclosure for the FE126E, another version of which can be seen at Do you think this would adequately meet my needs, especially considering the small distance which I will be from these speakers? Also, at the relatively low volume which I will be running them at could these handle somewhat more difficult material such as orchestral material? Are there any other plans/drivers which you think would work better in my situation? Thank you for your help.
Dear Mimir,

We all have our favourites and my usual tenpennorth is Cyburgs Needle, see the link below.

I use mine in a 10ft x 12ft room and find them entirely adequate. I listen to similar music to you and am hearing bits of, for instance Mahler 2 (CBSO - Simon Rattle) that I never heard before, the stereo image is breathtaking. I listen with the units just under 6ft apart and I'm 5.5ft away from them with them slightly toed in.

If you do decide on these perhaps you could give some of the other drive unit manufacturers a chance and try the Aurasound NS3-193-8A or the Hi Vi BS3 both available in the USA. Many users of the Needles would be delighted to hear your opinion of them.

Regards - Jem
I built my own TQWTs for TB-W3-871S, and now I calibrated all my install correctly (phase mainly), I must admit I'm impressed by them. Details that I didn't expect from so cheap drivers ! And a so precise stereo image !

Though if you can afford some bigger drivers, it might be better to get dynamics and more refinement, and a better bass extension off course !

It will also depend on the maximal size you or the person you live with (LOL) wouldn't like to get over.
Headphones ! What a good idea !

I find an average headset can equal many good speakers, and you don't have to worry about room interferences, etc...

Headphones always have an excellent stereo image, and are often very neutral.

I would say two things about headphones I don't like :

- you will never feel the music with your body as well as with your ears, and it makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes, like if something was missing (and it IS missing)

-you are a little bit too immersed in the soundstage, removing its depth and making the reproduction less impressive.

Look for Koss headsets, they will always give you satisfaction.

Just my 0.02€
I assume the speakers will be sitting on a desk or somewhere else fairly close. A room 6 feet wide doesn't seem like it would provide enough space for a TL so I also assume you're looking at bookshelf size. The 4" Fostex will not give you much of anything in LF response in a small cabinet. It's possible to design a folded TL but it's still going to be fairly tall, and deep. For simplicity and full range in a smallish box go for the CSS FR125S. If that's outside your budget go for the Aurasound NS3. NS3.htm
Thank you all very much for the informative replies. I had though of headphones myself, but I find them to be a totally different experience than speakers, I would lose the fun of building speakers :) and on a more practical subject I will generally be doing something while listening to these speakers and as such I think headphones would likely get in the way. Studying the various ideas presented I think that I will go with the Cyburgs Needle cabinet design with Hi Vi BS3. It seems to offer most of what I am looking in a great budget and it is something that I think would be easy to upgrade later on if I felt the need. Does this seem like a good design to go with for my purposes? Also, does anyone have any tips or ideas to give me for building this cabinet and any tweaks I should do? Thank you all again.
Dear Mimir,

The only tweak from the original Needle design that I made was mounting the drive units on a separate baffle, enabling an easy change of drive units should I wish to.

If you do decide to make a pair and do use the BS3's I would love to hear you opinion.

Regards - Jem
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