Help- Save old equipt - dc-dc converter


2004-10-05 10:01 pm
Hi all,

I'm posting this here vs car audio, since i feel dc-dc converted knowledge is better here

I got a high end car audio product here that hasnot been made in about 10 years, I want to repair it

the problem is the DC-DC converter

it takes 12v and gives +/- 18v and +/- 8v

its only 2" x 1.5" x 3/8" so its not many watts

i dont know the specs on it nor can i find it

the +/- 18V feeds a 7815 and a 7915 to get +/-15V for the Audio OP amps and associated audio circuits, the +/-8 feeds a 7805 and a 7905 for the Audio ADCs and DACs

so i cant find a replacement, infact i cant find any ISOLATED
dc-dc converters that do +/-18

+/- 15 is no problem....

so if i get a DC-DC converter Regulated style, does that mean its has a linear regulator on its outputs? if so i can get a converter that gives me +/-15 and bypass the 7815/7915 and power the audio op amsp...

and i then can get another converted to do the 5v rails

i ofcourse want to maintain sound quality, and dont want to bring in the alternator noise, so isolated ps is a must

the old one is made my Mitsumi for sony
but it seems no longer avail

thanks all