HELP Please! Setting up an audio system w/ speakers for a resturant

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Hey all,

Need some help! helping a friend out on setting up his restaurant with an audio system. He is only looking for music or the TV to be played from the speakers.

Setting up 12 drop ceiling speakers in the restaurant w/ a receiver and a Sonos to steam music controlled by an iPhone.

I am trying to understand how the wiring should be, I was told to daisy chain them but not a 100% clear...

My current equipment:

I currently have 12 celling speakers
Atlas Sound - EZHD72W

I have a Speco Receiver PBM120AT (Which I am about to return)


Question is..
1. How do I daisy chain 12 speakers? (common to all common or positive to all positive)

2. Are the speakers I have Ok to play music? I choose this because for the easy installation with brackets. On the site it said voice or music...

3. Which receiver should I purchase that can handle this? The current one above I have seams more for voice or PA.
Daisy chain simply means that the speaker wire hot and ground connect to the next speaker hot and ground. Repeat until you make it all the way back to your receiver. Although in practice you can daisy chain where it is easy to do a group. then combine the groups in parallel back at the receiver.

Speakers look like typical fullrange backround music speakers.

You will need an amp that will drive either a 25 volt or 70 volt system and then hook up the transformers on the speakers accordingly.
They're 70 volt system speakers.

[1] just hook them in parallel (positive to positive, neg to neg)

[2] you might want to invest in some in-ceiling L-pads... these are "volume controls" for the individual speakers. In corners, an otherwise Ok speaker might be real loud.

[3] Don't have any speaker closer than 6 feet from a wall. (Assuming all ceiling mounted)

[4] Space them as evenly as possible with constraint #3 in play.

I can't speak about "good enough for music". Probably (most probably), not great. Its just restaurant music. Like elevator music, but 2 steps up.

You will need either a conventional 500 watt amplifier - NOT for the gross wattage, but because such an amp will have the power to hit these speakers, AND the L-Pads. It might only hum along at 50 to 100 watts, but the without-distortion excursions can easily get near saturation. Or, buy a "70 volt" PA amp. It too will have a similar net-power rating.

And... you might want to consider ... getting a couple "subwoofers" to give a bigger bass to things. The little 70-volt speakers - even "multiway" typically roll off around 75 Hz or so, and do really poorly with bass. 2 or 3 of the larger subwoofers (with integral cross-overs) would do the trick. 12 inch, or 15 inch ... mounted in the false-ceiling tiles, with baffles. Invisble, but audible.

By using a 70 volt system you do not have to deal with the ohm issue. What you will be doing is dividing the wattage up among the number of speakers that you have. So a 70 volt, 60 watt amp would be 5 watts per speaker (60 watts divided by 12). The 4 watt taps on your speakers are close enough. Some installers will tell you to use the next lower tap to give you some "headroom" so that the amp does not have to work as hard. In your case that would mean hooking up the 2 watt taps.
No a Yamaha RXV or any other consumer receiver is not a 70 volt system and will not work with your speakers. Check out the TOA BA-235 for an example of the type of amp you are looking for. If you have more than one source you will need to add some type of selector switching.
More on 70 Volt systems:

Constant-Voltage Audio Distribution Systems:
25, 70.7 & 100 Volts

Thanks for the link. I've always been somewhat interested in how constant voltage systems work. I've read two articles about it and I still don't understand (fully)!:eek:

Just briefly looking at the RaneNote, it looks like maybe you've provided an explanation that will make me understand, at last.

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