Help picking speakers for new amp

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Nelp picking speakers for new amp

Hello all, I am looking for a pair of speakers to go with my onkyo amp. It's a M-504 and is rated at 165 watts at 8 ohms. I am wanting a stereo pair that I can run without a subwoofer. I am looking for a crisp sounding tweeter, fast low end , and the ability to get loud and stay clean. I would like to keep the price between 1000-1200 dollars.

I have pondered the kef uni-q iq9's. Their flagship of the iq series, about 1000 dollars online. They are getting rave reviews.
I know that if I went diy i would get a better value, but lets just say I am not a professional when it comes to finishing my cabinets. I build them well but then all I know is to rattle can them black. This is my thought behind getting the kefs. As far as diy goes I was thinking of the elsinor project. If you guys can think of any others that would be better than the elsinor let me know.

Another thought that I had was upping the budget and going for the linkwitz orion. I can get all of the drivers for an extra 500 and everyone says they are one of the best. My only hold up is the active crossover. Has anyone tried building a passive crossover for these. I know they take quite a bit of equalizing, but that can be taken care of in a crossover. I just don't want to have to use a six channel amplifier. Can someone let me know if this would be a bad idea.

Thank you
There are some other options...

how about a pair of powered stereo subwoofers, and a pair of good sized "bookshelf speakers driven by your Onkyo.?

Passive crossovers to something like the dipoles of the Orions require HUGE inductors with the HUGE price to go with them.

Just a simple question here though. Why get an amp first and then get a speaker?

I already have the amp. I got it at goodwill.

Another option is selling the amp I have and getting a 6 channel amp and the active crossovers. How much am I looking at for those items (Is there an amp that people tend to use?)

If I were to go with regular speakers what would you suggest?
Have you heard either speaker that I had mentioned? I thought about the powered subs and bookshelves, but decided to go with keeping it to two cabinets. I have enough subwoofers as it is, at least my wife thinks so lol.


selling the amp.....

if a active amplified system is wanted, the Behringer DEQ2496 has been used. It may need a tweak here and there to get the most out of, but is reputed to be good.

Once you split the frequencies up between the (upto) 3 drivers (possible) and two channels, the tweeter s will need substantially less than the mids, the mids substantially less than the woofs.

I have never heard the Orions, but would absolutely love to. Presently I am working on a "poor man's Orion" concept. sealed subs, open baffle fullranger or coax with the appropriate x-over. I particularly like the look of the Orions.

I am hoping to do it with minimal processing. I am planning to use a Vifa coax suitable for ceiling mount, so I think OB would be fine. Just hope they go low enough to match well with the sealed (or aperiodic) sub. Each sub to be driven by a 180 watt plate amp, and each OB portion to be driven by a stereo amp. I am after an affordable truly full-range sound with this particular setup. I still love single driver full-range OBs , but space can be difficult for them in a 13' wide room. (they're 3' each across and dominate the room).

Hope you got it for a good price. Apparently still worth $500 or so.
Yes I did, I paid 20 for it and then 140 to fix it. I have decided that I am not skilled enough to tweak an eq. That is why I like the simplicity of hooking up an amp to a pair of terminal post and letting it go.

With the time and money I have to spare I am looking to build something that is a proven winner, with a crossover that has already been designed. something with the bugs worked out. Another option I think would be the thor's. I have basically cancelled out the orions, just not in that place right now. I have played with fullrange drivers a bit, especially the tang band w4-1320sb. I built a ported line array, and used them in a sealed application. I think for now I am done with fullrange drivers. (kef uni-q doesn't count, it's a coaxial :D )


Kef uni-q iq9
Any other opinions?

Thank you

P.S. If anyone has listen to what I have listed about can you let me know what you thought. If you listened to something that is not on my list but think it fits my criteria let me know.
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