Help on IRF640 and IRFP240 !


2001-08-06 11:53 am

When I compared the specs on the datasheet, looks like IRF640 is a great replacement for IRFP240.

But why the price of IRFP240 is three to four times as much as IRF640?

It is true that IRFP240 is meant for audio and IRF640 is designed for switching PS only and not suitable for audio?

Is there any magic number behind IRFP240 that we don't know?

What do you all think about IRF640?

Thank you!

From glancing in the book the size difference stands out. The 240 is a to-247 and the 640 is a to-220ab . That coupled with the lower current rating would probably create a lower wattage for the 640. What does the sheet say about wattage. I would think it would be easier to dissipitate more heat with a bigger package. Just a thought------------