HELP! New sub design!


2002-02-19 3:44 am
Well, I ordered a blueprint 1503 and 2 adire PR15's but have yet to come up with a design. I am assuming that i am going to have to mass load the PRs pretty heavily. Blueprint suggests a 4cuft box tuned to 16hz. How large should the box be and how heavy should the PR go? Someone please help! I do not want to screw this up!

Then let the computer do the design. I have never been steered wrong by WinISD, free download from
WinISD likes the parameters provided by the Blueprint site. Just use the guidelines provided at to find out how to do Passive Radiators. The Adire PR15's should be right up your alley.
nmessick (and others too!),

You may want also check out our new "pro" version available now, at

Unfortunately, the downloadable version doesn't have passive radiator simulation yet, but soon (I really mean it!),
it just requires some cleanup done before release. Don't hold your breath, though..

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Linkwitz Transform

If you want low bass that's incredibly tight and fast, build a small sealed box and use a Linkwitz Transform circuit to simulate the perfect sealed box. If you have plenty of watts, this would be a great alternative to passive radiators. The more mass you add to passive radiators, the slower the bass becomes. This iwlll already be a problem because of yhe high excursion of the driver. But the sealed box will counteract this.