Help needed with speaker and room correction

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Hi everybody,

After building my second pair of speakers I would want to linearize Fr and phase with the help of a MiniDSP/Rew/rePhase, and as I'm a beginner in speaker and room correction, I'll need advices from knowledgeable people here :)

Here's my speakers:

They're basically Fostex FE126EN on an OB and an Eminence Alpha 15 on a slot configuration
-I'm bi-amping them with a 300b SE for the Fostex and a Tubelab SSE (Kt88) for the Eminences.

-The active crossover and acoustic corrections will be taken care of by a MiniDSP 2x4HD (10 PEQ/drivers + 10PEQ/speakers for each channels as well as 4096 FIR taps to be distributed between the four drivers).

-The Mic is a Umik USB with it's calibration file (at 0°)

I'm thinking about using Rew for measurements (FR and Phase) and PEQ, and RePhase for FIR (Phase correction mostly?).

For the Crossover, I'm thinking about cutting at 300-350hz.

For the methodology, here's what I'm thinking (Please tell me if I'm wrong) for the Fostex:

I'll take measurements in-room as I can't easily make them outside

1. Taking raw measurement of the fostex driver;
-Speakers in the middle of the room (more or less) on a table to have the fostex roughly at 1.30m from the ground (ceiling at 2.50m).
-Mic at 1m from the driver and centered Horizontally and vertically.
-measure from 85 to 20000hz

2. Deciding between Phase or Inverted Phase on the MiniDSP plugin (the setting witch will give the best overall Phase response)

3.Gating the measurement (by looking at the impulse) to get rid of most of the reflections.

4.Using Rew EQ to generate PEQ filters and linearize as much as possible the frequency response as well as the Phase (may have to try different slope types)

5. Applying the PEQ filters to The MiniDSP and doing a new measurement to verify the benefits.

6. Exporting Rew measurements as text to import them into Rephase and trying to linearize Phase further (or maybe Shall I do this at listening position?)
So Here's the first measurements (no PEQ, no FIR, no Xover):


Base measurement of the Fostex at 1m (driver at 1.30m from the ground)


The same measurement but with Inverted Phase.

Now I'll gate the measurements looking at the impulse response

I set the gate to 4.4ms

Here the resulting curves

Phase Normal


Inverted Phase, seems like the right setting as the phase shows no rotations, even if it needs linearization.

There's a Dipole Peak at 1700hz that will need correction.

EQ curve with Rew (I kept the 1000hz 1.8db/oct slope, it's maybe not the best idea, but well, it's a first try)

The Dipole peak remains

New measurement with PEQ loaded on th MiniDSP

Fr and Phase are better, but i need to take care of the Dipole Peak.


Measurement after further PEQ adjustements, it seems quite good now, right?
You already sound very experienced :) "Good on ya." DiyAudio is the best audio forum that I know of. That said, you may wish to check out HomeTheaterShack as well, since it is the "home" of the most excellent REW software and also has an active REW/EQ forum. Please report your findings in this thread :D

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