Help needed to fix PPI 900.4 Wont turn on


2016-03-04 10:05 pm
Hi everyone Im new to the forum and I wanted to start by saying this site its pretty awesome.

Im having some trouble with my ppi 900.4 and was hoping that you guys could lead me in the right direction.

The amp started by having problems with the right channels then the amp died.

I tried another amp just to make sure my wires were ok, everything good. The ppi 900.4 blown both of the fuses (40 and 35) and so far I manage to take out all the fets and test them with a multimeter and 2 IRFI4212H are gone and all The T460 are bad so Im waiting in the replacement parts.

Now do you guys think there could be something else related that caused this problem and might need to be replaced?

The amp dosnt look burnt anywhere but I want to make sure I test everything possible before I put replacemnets back in so that I dont re toast all the components.!

here are some picts after The fets where removed also do you guys know how can I test the square items that are next to the power mosfets should I even worry about them?? (They are present inside a red square that is next to the red square where the power fets go )


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