Help! Need tube tester info for 6CW4 Nuvistor

I've accumulated several sleeves of 6CW4 Nuvistors for my British integrated amp and I'd like to test and match them. My brother owns a Hickok 600A tube tester, but its roll chart has no information on this tube. Nuvistor production started in 1959, while this particular 600A was made before that.

Can anyone provide 6CW4 roll chart info for the Hickok 600A tube tester? Also, does the stock 600A have a socket to test this tube? If not, which socket adapter is needed?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
This is from my Hickok 800 which is very similar.

Fil: 6.3
Selectors: DS-4107-0
Bias: 23
English: 73
Press: P4
Mu Con: 2000
Hickok adaptor: 1050-127 (octal)

The Hickok 600A has no Nuvistor socket. I'm confident the bias & english settings will be the same. Not 100% sure on the first two filament selectors. The 800 has 12 positions each knob verses 10 for the 600A, so double check these to be sure the tube heats.
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Nuvistor settings for Hickok 600A tube tester

Thanks, HollowState and jechentau. I've forwarded your info to my brother, who owns the Hickok 600A tester.

Are there any other Hickok 600A tester owners who can chime in? Especially about the socket adapter issue, because according to HollowState, the 600A does not have a socket for this tube.

Thanks for your help!