Help modifying MarkAudio CHN-110 MLTL speaker

I recently build these speakers based on St Helens (designed by Scott)
St Helens.png

I really LOVE the sound produced by these speakers so I want to build a second pair :)
But I want to build the new speakers into the ceiling so max depth is limited to 142 mm.
With 22,5mm MDF internal depth is limited to 96mm.
So I figure I could reduce the width by half, double the depth and move the driver from front to side.
This would fit my application perfectly -while keeping the original length and internal volume.
But Scotts design has the top firing vent placed offset, so I am uncertain where to place the vent in the modified speakers...
I guess modeling scotts design and comparing with my modified design could reveal where the vent should be placed for identical (or nearly identical) sound. But I can not find Martin J. Kings spreadsheet anywhere and I do not know how to use hornresp.
So if anyone would be kind enough to model my redesign it would really help me (and the forest) -as my only other option would be trail, and probably a lot of, error.
New MLTL Speaker.png

So please tell me if my modified design would sound like Scotts original design?
I made a test enclosure ll)using 22mm mdf.
Measurements show ragged bas, a deep cliff between 3-4 kHz and higher frequency rather low.
Moving the port changes almost nothing. I figured output looked over damped so also tried less lining. I guess Moving the driver might improve output, but without software and skills it seems hopeless.
I fear the slim and wide box breaks the quarter wave.
So I have decided to scrap this enclosures