Help me with or show me some towers for my Dad

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I need help designing, or finding a set of towers for my Dad. He likes his music VERY LOUD so we are going to need something that can take some abuse. I finished building a set of Joe's Elsinore Speaker Project and we are both extremely impressed, having used Peerless components years ago. He is not opposed to building a set of his own, but I thought, why not try something different? We are in the custom office furniture business, so having cabinets built isn't an issue. I thought of possibly using some scan speak drivers, but don't know anything about them, therefor don't know where to begin when choosing components. Can anyone suggest any? Or show me some finished designs using Scan Speak drivers?

Also, another quick question, our furniture we have built is all made using a melamine particle board. Is that acceptable for building cabinets? I had the cabinets built using MDF when I built the Elsinores, but if you can use melamine, we can get it in a variety of finishes.

Right now he just has a set of bookshelves. They sound decent, but wants to upgrade. He's just using a Yamaha receiver.

I should clarify, he likes his music loud, but not concert loud. He really likes my Elsinore speakers, and while building them is still an option, we would like to see what else is out there that's similar. That's why I mentioned possibly using some scan speak drivers. I'm sure the budget could go up to $2000...but open to any and all suggestions.


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2007-03-10 1:20 am
PoorSound said:

I'm from Canada and would like to stick to ordering from Solen, as we are set up as a dealer for them and get the dealer discount.

There's Q Components here in Ontario. They have some very nice high efficiency drivers from Eminence and B&C (and now Fane).
An all B&C three way with a 10" or 12" woofer ($160.00 - $200.00), a 6.5" mid ($90.00) and compression driver plus horn flare ($150.00) would be quite nice. Efficiency in the high 90's, it wouldn't take much power to shake the place.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.