help me to make my own box


2005-07-01 3:07 pm
hi all

i have pair of 6x9 pioneer 350 w and i wanna make a box for them ,
i wanna build 2 box 24" long , 18" width , with mdf 1/2" thickness
(1 box for each speaker)
but i become confused for making closed box or vented box
and whats the differences between them
if i chose vented box plz i wanna know the diameter of hole



2005-04-11 3:54 pm
I think your best bet is to visit the Pioneer site and determine the specs you are inquiring about. IMO, if it is accuracy you're seeking, sealed is the way to go. Since you're talking about a 6x9, I assume you are trying to do this for your car, so consider cabin gain into your equation. You can go smaller with a sealed cab.