Help me set up my speaker building room

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Hello. I just moved, and now have a small workshop, I can use for my speaker building. Because it is small, I need to come up with some really neat ideas for a multi use work table / table saw, etc table. I see the table top probably being in the 4 ft x 6 ft range. This table will need to be on lockable rollers, where I can maneuver around it easily. I'm thinking I may run an electrical line above head, with a power strip up there, and make all of the power cords come down from above. I can see the need to be smart about utilizing the under side to build a low shelf the same size as the table's top. This allows mucho storage for clamps and power tools.

Any and all suggestions are welcome ! And thank you.
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I don't have a seperate workshop, so I get my wood cut at the hardware store.
All I need is a router. And my garden, this cannot be done in our cellar.

The only tool I need additionally is ARTA.

For that I have my coils and capacitors in two handy boxes.
To build up a temporary crossover network I use those Wago 221 clamps. Easy with those.

My measuring hardware is in a small wooden box. I can take this wherever I want, where I have a room big enough for loudspeaker measurements.

So for me building speakers is not working with wood, but with electronics.

Have fun and stay healthy,



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I only have a small space a few feet by a few feet.
So I have to work on the floor.
I put a piece of wood under the plywood to lift it off the floor so I can cut it with my handheld circular saw.
For speaker cut outs I use a jigsaw.
For covering the finished box I take it outside onto a footpath and roll the box while covering it in thin carpet.
While short of space I have built quite a few boxes now.
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