Help me please to find ferrite cores...


2004-10-27 3:51 pm
Hi, I have some problems to find ferrite cores for smps psu.
I had a lot of MagInc. 77548-A7, really good for my projects, but now it's really difficult to find them in Europe (if you want few pieces).
I really need this cores... possible substitutes may be:
CSC CS330125

Arnold Magnetics MS-130125-2

Someone can help me to find a distibutor that sell few pieces in Europe?


2005-07-02 8:17 pm
65N 25E
rinox said:
:bawling: :bawling: :bawling: :bawling: :bawling:
Farnell sell their products only to companies
:bawling: :bawling: :bawling: :bawling: :bawling:

Tell me something new :xeye:

I would look from Elfa, as it happens to be next to Finland :)
Some local electronic component shops around here can do orders from farnell, maybe you could try the same thing in Italy..Altough I hardly buy anything from Farnell due to price level compared to digikey for example.