Help me pick a 10" for ≈ $120


2013-05-02 4:23 pm
Another dazed and confused newbie here.:confused: I got about $120 to spend on a 10" sub. It's going in a sealed box between the jumper seats in my Dakota extended cab. It'll be powered by 2 channels of a PPI P900.4 (RMS Power 4ω -145 x 4 2ω-225 x 4 4ω -Bridged 450 x 2) SQ/tight punchy bass is my main objective. Here are the subs that have caught my attention so far... the Sundown E10 * the Incriminator I series 10 * and the Audio Technix Strato. Which do you think the best of the 3 or would you suggest something else? THANKS.