Help! Kenwood Basic C-2 left channel out (phono only)


2013-05-02 3:42 am
I just acquired this unit and it sounds great in all modes *except* phono, where the left channel is fuzzy and barely audible. Music plays just fine through my Onkyo, and switching TT interconnects going into the preamp results in no change. I've also de-oxited the heck out of the pots and switches.

Any ideas?
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2007-09-15 8:14 am
I would look for "obvious" issues first before going to deep. Something like this could even be physical such as cracked print around a socket or selector switch.

The correct way to fault find this is simply inject a tiny signal into the left phone input and trace it through using a scope. Its literally two minutes of a job that way.

No scope ? :)

The circuit is a not quite so simple opamp based phono stage using a pair of FET's and transistors "in front" of the opamp.

First step without a scope is to check the DC conditions around the opamp but I suspect the problem is elsewhere tbh

You could link the left and right feeds and see if the problem is in the front end. Just isolate C11 and connect feed to C12 (the right channel opamp output)


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