help into buildind new projector

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first of all my english is not too good.

now ... i already build a projector so i kind of know some basic things. the first project was made in a hurry and without many knowledge so i kinda made lots of mistakes like bad design box (was losing lots of light) and the wrong light source ( 500 w halogen bulb). anyway on the other side having a good fresnel lens and projection lens from a 3m overhead projector i was able to get a pretty good image ... not to bright tho ( the darker scenes were a pain to watch). oh and the lcd was a 7 inch 1440x234 res (tho on some site on the specs appeared 400(and something) X240) and it suit me well (at 80" diagonal the pixels were visible only by close look)

now i want to try and make something better and most important smaller. i had fun building and stuff but now i what something usefull.

i will firt start with what i already have : the fresnel and the projection lens ( triplet from an ohp)

THE LCD: 1.i want to buy a 3.5 inch monitor ( those car rearview from ebay) at 30$ rated at 640X480 . now my main concern is that they wont have this resolution ( even tho the ebay seller told me they have) . DID ANYONE ELSE BOUHGT SOME OF THIS ? and could you recommend a seller or a monitor type that really has 640X480 ??
2. a 4.3 inch ( the same rearview monitor only bigger) at 800X480 res ( if tis true) and 50$.
so the first one is smaller but will it work good with my big projection lens??? the lens were ok with the 7inch screen... ( THIS IS MY LENS)

LIGHT SOURCE: after taking into consideration all the possible light sources i will definitely choose LED.
100w high power led + driver( unless i will make one) seems ok for that 3.5 inch monitor but i want more and i cant find a 200w led so i was thinking of buying 2 of those 100w led and putting them on 2 different heatsinks one next to another. knowing that they have 5,5cm +the distance between them i think that they will be like this :

|LED|4cm|LED| - a total of 15cm lenght when the 4.3 lcd will have like 10-11 cm.

WILL IT BE AFFECTED BY THE LIGHT THAT WILL FALL ON SCREEN EDGES(and not right on the middle as only one led will do)? or will the fresnel completely manage this and light it even?
should i use some optic mirrors to deflect the light??

for now i want to have this questions cleared so i can buy the monitor and the light source.

thank you for helping
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.