Help in building a 2 way speaker... beginner's questions...


I've been thinking about my project, and I've decided to simplify things a bit.

Here's what I own right now:

Focal 5N 421 woofer (4)
Audax TW 034 X0 tweeters (2)

An (apparently) first order crossover that makes the speakers sound dull to no end. It has Impedance equalization on tweeter and woofers, and apparently, a passband filter on the tweete.

My plan is design a good sounding equalizer, considering I have zero experience doing it.

Can I just get X-over 3 and start modeling? I've searched for the drivers on the database. The 5N 421 don't show up. I'll call Focal and ask them for the T/S parameters. The Audax do. They don't have their frequency response curves published, so I'll use a software to calculate each speakers' frequency response and introduce them into X-Over 3.

The questio I have right now is... what kind of order is easier to implement? I'm thinking 4th order, Linkwitz-Riley. Also, how can I deal with Baffle Step Compensation?

Is there some sort of tutorial / sticky thread I could read?

Thank you very much for your help!