Help identifying these SABA speakers


2015-11-20 10:34 pm

I've got my hands in a pair of SABA WST speakers, made in Chile under license of SABA Germany.

The woofer it's a 8 inch with paper cone, which (it seems) is not exactly a typical "green cone".

It sounds quite good, although the REW measurements are not uber flat. The woofer drops around 70hz, and these came in a sealed cabinet without any filling. ALso they seem super efficient, i have a pair of 0.44x Karlsonators (Faital [email protected]) and these SABA are much louder (subjetive check doing and A to B speaker change in the amp)

My interest is to identify them to know if a vented cabinet would be better and to know if there is any maintenance i should do to them. I want to keep them on a vintage system, and possibly add a subwoofer to help the lower frequencies.

Measurements where taken at tweeter height at around 2 feet distance, with a calibrated UMIK.

Pictures here:
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