Help identifying compression driver

Hello all

As part of a deal I received these. Apparently dipole compression drivers made by b&c
I can't seem to find what they are.
The closest thing I have seen is maybe they used them in some spatial audio Coaxial configurations?

Any help would be really appreciated
Thank you


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Don't know them well enough (B&C comp drivers) to recognize the model.
But it is clearly a B&C comp driver, with a removed backcap. Looks like there has been 3d printed the "new open backcover".
The same terminals as the DE 250 fx, the Hexagon terminals reduces the amount of drivers it can be.
QR code gives?
Serial number the mfg can give you more info. Also the models have changed over the years even if model number remains in some cases like the 250.

Thank you all foir the replies. I'm leaning toward them being from the SPATIAL AUDIO M3 TRIODE MASTER.​

Unfortunately the qr code goes nowhere and the serial number does not bring up any results.
Spatial does not seem to have released info on which B&C model they were using. I will reach out to both companies to see if they can help