Help !!! I need to locate a replacement driver!

One of my Rogers LS55 speakers has a defective Midrange/Bass driver, it blows raspberries at me!
Does any kind soul know where I can obtain a replacement 'original' driver so I can restore my speakers to their former glory.
Any information at all will give me a direction in my quest.
Many thanks, please email me:
RE: Rogers LS55 Blown Driver

Hi, you may be in luck, I just happen to have 2 of these available by negotiation. I bought a pair which unfortunately also had a raspberry blowing driver some time ago and found that like you have no doubt found replacements are as rare as hens teeth. Also there is some damage to the boxes so am going to break them up for spares as I have sourced a mint pair at the right price. If u r interested either reply on here or email me on

Kind regards