help hooking up pa

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So i bought a used pa system for my band, and im trying to figure out what the best way to hook up the speakers to the amps.
this is what i have,
4 qsc plx1602
2 qsc plx2402
and the speakers are as followed
4 monitors that are 8 ohms, 500 watts rms, 1000 watts peak
4 duel 15 mains that are 4ohms, 1000 watts rms, 2000 peak
8 18" subs that are 8 ohms, 500 watt rms, 1000 peak.

i was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I am very new to this.
thank you so much for you time.
would this work for now?

2 subs into each channel of the two 2402. That would be 350w each to the 8 subs?
Then one main to each channel of two of the 1602, should be 500w to each of the 4 mains?
And the 4 monitors to the remaining two 1602, that should be 300w to each of them?

that was the best way i could figure it out in my head. probably low on power to the speakers, buy would i blow something up?
Is this a mobile PA or will it be installed somewhere?

I'd be temped to bridge a pair of 1602s into a pair of subs each and use a 2402 to power the 215s one per channel.. that is your FOH pa powered somewhat respectably. Double that up for outdoor work covering a wider area, indoors you probably won't need the extra cabs. When you're not using the extra FOH cabs you can power the mons with the extra 1602s and carry the 2402 as a spare.

Other configurations can work and power all the cabs but is it worth it to move all those cabs and only put 1/4 of the recommended power into them? Again much depends if this is mobile or installed,
This is for a mobile pa. The truth is we will probably never need the whole set up. We will only take 1/4 or 1/2 of it to play out, but i got such a good deal on it, i couldn't pass it up. Just trying to figure out what I would need to really power it up if someday we get the chance. So if i hooked it up the way you suggested, really all i would need is a couple more 1602s to bridge and run the 4 monitors on, and i would be getting pritty close. bridging the 2402 for the mains would be way to much.
This is a mobile set up. So if I ran two mains off each 2402 that would be 700w to each of them? and bridged all four of the 1602s with two subs each, that would be 800w to each sub.

So I would still be a little light on the mains?

Then pick up something like a3402 to run all four monitors?
Depends how many monitor mixes you want.
Most stages run 4 mixes, which means you hear four different things in different places on the stage. Usually, musicians that sing want to hear a bit more of themselves and a bit less of everything else in their monitors. Sharing a monitor mix is a compromise that you don't need to make.

IMO, if you're going to use subs every time, then sell the 2x15"s and get something a bit smaller. 2x15"s are useful if you have one amplifier, and need to make lots of noise with some amount of bass.

How much wiggle room do you have in the budget? - You mention buying a 3402 for monitors. The amp's good, but I think I'd get something like a 4050HD and put all of the subs on it. That gives you lots more space to play around with the rest of the equipment.
I'd probably go for 2x1602 on monitors, one monitor per channel, which means you can have four monitor mixes. 2402s on mains, and you've a pair of spare 1602s which can serve as backups if something blows up, run delay lines, additional monitors, whatever.

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