[Help] Headamp design & layout


2012-01-26 9:33 am
Hi, I'm designing a headamp using opamp + lt1010 buffer chip. The LT1010's quiescent current is roughly 40mA. I have some questions regarding the design and layout

1. Since the lme49600s are obsolete, lt1010 and buf634 are my next contenders. Have anyone had experience with those chip? which one sounds betters in relation with their prices (The buf634 costs twice as much).

2. I have limited experience and knowledge about grounding. I did isolate the signal ground and the power ground and connect them at only one point. Is there any grouding issue or is my layout prone to hum and noise?
Could you pls check the layout and give me some advice.

Thanks! :)


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2010-12-01 11:00 am
Not everyone here have Eagle CAD installed to check your layout. Post pics of your design and make your schematic more readable by clearly marking connections of the crossing wires where necessary and avoiding bare wire ends (VS+, VS- and BIAS). Use symbols there.