Help for the Crescendo ME!!

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Hi, I'm a newbeginner on this so be patient :)

I'm building a Crescendo ME (no mods) and don't know how to do with the four (one pair/channel) BIG capasitors (don't know the word in english) in the PSU. They're at 22000uF each.

Is it possible to have them all connected, or should I do as Elektor did (see picture)?

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Sorry for the delay.

JC Fardo
Thanks alot, I'm new at this DIY-thing, and I ain't any good at this (yet ;)). I have another question now though, I understand your answer but still have to ask:

Won't the amplifier work at all if I use a "bridge" between all four PSU capacitors? What will happen?

I'm sorry if I don't express myself in a easy way, but as I said to JC Fardo; I'm new to this (very very new) so bare with me please.

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Hello FeFe

You must also consider the trafos and rectifier brigdes upstream to the caps. If you are planning to use one trafo for two channels you better double its rated power to 450 VA and the retictifier bridge to 70A at least.

From the + and - poles of the capacitors array take two wires to feed each main boards.

And you´ll use only one soft start circuit OK?, so you must double amps of rectifer bridge B1 too.

I´m just curious why do you want to "bridge" the caps.

Again hope this helps,

JC Fardo
I'm building it with two trafos (separete psu's). I think I want that bridge beacuse I want a common zero-point for all the parts in the amp, doesn't that make sense? Wouldn't the power be more "stabilsed" or something?

My Uncle built his Crescendo (-84 model) with the four caps connected, but I don't know why he built it that way, and his was working allright (i think, haven't heard it, just seen).

Another reason to why I want it that way is that I have made a piece of copper to bridge them, and then I looked in the papers and saw that they weren't connected. :rolleyes:

What pros and cons is there in building it like that? (Any dangers? ;) )

This is my first amp, so I wan't it to become reasonable good, it's a pretty expensive amp to build. At least it is for me. :)

I will post some pictures of it as soon as I can

Best Regards

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