help for a tube distortor

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Hi, today i played with ecc83: i want a distorsion !!!

ive make this circuit, but sound terrible distorted and dirty, drammaticali compressed ( like a fart, or dc component ).

I think the problem is impedance.... i want insert this circuit in line in / out in my rack equipments. Line out from preamp -> circuit -> line in compressor.
Please help me!

p.s. op amp is a burrbrown opa2277p, -v is connected to ground, +v to 12 vdc. there is a 7812.


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Well , Running at 12ax7 at 12v isn"t going to give you a Very nice distortion , Ive tried several 12v Tube curcuits and couldn"t get anything nice sounding , the lowest voltage I was able to run the plates and still get a nice clean distortion was 45v .....

You are right about the impedance though and putting a high impedance buffer at the output is a good idea so you get the best signal transfer but instead of building the buffer and maybe finding out that is doesn"t help , just plug the output of the tube cuircuit into a effects Pedal and use that as a buffer .....

Also you should put a 500k or 1m pot between the 2 tube stages so can controll the overdrive/distortion effect .......

ive try to connect only tube, without buffers, in a high z in of premplifier. Sound better, gain is low, and level distortion is low ( old rock style ). If i use a low volume in guitar sound is very warm. I dont understand why with buffer sound low and dirty: seem not a distortion of a tube. Ok tube at 12 v is not good, but this circuit dont work. This evening i record the distortion...
im doing a particolar fx for me. I want do build a vocal distort. There is an ic that do 2 channell mixing with eq and volume via i2c, a digital i2c pot for change gain and a i2c filter. An atmel change presets via midi and drive an lcd. For distortion i want use an ecc83, whit catodic digital potentiomer for gain setting ( i must measure voltage at k, high voltage may melt digipot, or i will use a photoresistor with led & pwm lol )
Minion, are you saying that he won't get nice distortion because he is using a 12AX7? Or because he is running it at 12 volts?

You get great distortion out of a 12ax7 but is sounds pretty farty at 12v , there isn"t enough headroom at 12v for the amount of gain in at 12ax7 , I second the suggestion to try a 12au7 at 12v as it has less gain and would need less headroom .....
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