Help finding ribbon cable

Hi Crew:

Extensive googling has lead to a lot of wasted time trying to source a cable for the hypex OEM modules. This is a 2.54mm (.1") pitch, dual row, 36 pin cable terminated in a female header connector to connect to their male board-mounted header. I'd prefer not to have to custom fabricate myself.

Does anyone have a source for these? 18" length would be plenty, looking for 4-10 pieces depending on price. Thanks in advance.
pix maybe?

they are not hard to make...if you have the parts.

No pix as I don't have the cable- but it's a simple header setup. Unfortunately I keep coming up with females with pin-based leadouts. Don't really feel like soldering and insulating 36 individual connectors. I'd much rather use a 36 wire ribbon and an IDC style termination, but haven't found "The right stuff" for such an effort, as yet.