Help find a PCI Card to use with Audiolense


I am using AudioLense 2.0 with a Intel Win7 D510 mini itx based Computer and a M-audio Fast Track Pro USB.
I use Sonos ZP90 digital out to M-audio sp-dif > Win7 Console/Convolver > M-audio sp-dif out > DacMagic.
The results are pretty good, with very good Room Correction, and excelent sound quality.
I was planning to upgrade to a Lynx AES to replace the Fast Track, but it is out of my budget.
I was thinking about a M-audio Delta 66 PCI card.
Would it be a sideways move, o a very good upgrade??
Also, any recomendation on my setup would be great appreciated.
The Sonos would be the only unit I am not planning to replace.


Antonio Souza