Help diyAudio maintain its independence

Hi all folks. Some years ago I donated thanks to Kevinkr who helped me, but in the actual economy situation of Argentina where an interesting salary is about 400U$S thanks to actual currency and as I have no work todays, it is impossible to me to do it again. Western union services also are difficult and very expensive for me.

My best wishes with the new system.
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PayPal is a nice, easy way to make payments without sharing credit card details - if you want to make a payment without having a PayPal account you can do that too and I believe there is now some virtual currency support too. I just made a small donation but an annual membership option would be great.
There is an annual membership option. The follow three are all annual.


Button takes you to CC payment, PayPal link to PayPal.
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I can see how that is visually unclear. It looks like Paypal Option is a label for the buttons, not another button.

You need text for the amounts, and buttons for CC and PP. Columns.
You are correct. This is a stop-gap page we were kinda forced to implement because we really disliked the built-in way the forum did this. And we are going to need to make something better, clearer and less clunky.
Thanks for progress.
I have donated 5$ for a test. I would like to see it somewhere in my profile (it can be visible only for me), but I cannot find it - just simple list of donations and dates.
Is it possible or maybe it is already implemented and I'm just too old to find it by myself? ;)
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CC and/or echeck possible options?
The default payment gateway (Stripe) already takes CC. eCheck is something American I guess.
Donated some time ago with a plan to do so yearly. Don't remember when I did it. I would like to see an annual reminder. Regards, Bill
The new "yearly" options do in fact send reminders and renewals. (As do the monthly).
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Thanks to everyone who has made a donation.

The text on the donation page is a bit confusing, and will be improved today to try to make it more clear.

Medium term we will be replacing this not-very-nice system with one that does what we want. Right now we had to make do with the very limited options we had available to us.