Help! distortion problem

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For now, I have a system that I have rigged up until I have my Leach amps done, and the distortion levels are through the roof! I can hear it as clear as day, the upper frequencies are filled with intolerable buzzing and scratching sounds especially when certain notes hit.

It's all set up something like this:

I can unplug the little CD player and play from my computer, or disconnect my computer with the switch and play from the CD player or other source, it sounds bad either way. It sounds slightly better with the EQ bipassed, but still pretty bad, and the spectrum analyzer on the stereo says I'm not clipping. I don't know what the problem is. What do you think could be wrong?
I don't think the EQ is clipping, because even with the volume control at it's input set very low, the problem still exists. Is it at all possible that the distortion originates from the input volume control? Or maybe there is a problem in the EQ, causing it to clip or something. I had a similar, but not as bad, problem with the EQ in place before I introduced the volume control, but that could have been the EQ clipping because I had little control over the input signal it saw, except from my computer, which I usually keep at the same volume level. I had not used the seperate CD player before I put the input volume control in, I came up with that slightly afterward. I suspect the volume control is responsible for the problem, I don't see what else it could be. What can I do?

By the way, the trimpots are 25kohms.
In those case it might be better to try to find where is the problem. You should try to disconect anything and just use the amp with the speaker no xover.

One other thing is that xplod sub are extremly bad for amp stability. I saw those destroy a panasonic amp by some sort of stange oscillation.

It does not seem to be that but it can.
Xplods are bad for stability? I didn't know. They must have a killer phase shift, or maybe Sony and Panasonic just don't like each other:) . Anyway, do you think they will hurt my Leach amps? Is this problem made worse when two Xplods are in series? That's how I have them right now, but my distortion problem is above the xover freq., not below.

By the way, I can't just take out the crossover, besides, there is no passive crossover. The Panasonic SA-AK24 is a bi-amped stereo unit. There must be a passive crossover for the mid/high speakers, but they are built in to unopenable speaker boxes that came with it. Anyway, I will try to track down the problem.
Well, I hope the Leach amp can do it. I also hope my stereo hasn't been having too much trouble with it.

Does anyone know anything about such characteristics of the Audiobahn ALUM12X, which I will eventually be using for my big amp, which I would hate to see go up in smoke, because it will be one of the finest amps ever built if all goes fairly well.
Ah-ha. I guess I didn't pay enough attention to what was going on before. I know the problem is with the EQ. With it bypassed, it sounds better, but with the signal going through the EQ, it sounds absolutely offensive, especially in the left speaker. It makes Ozzy sound like he's singing through a kazoo! To hear it, you'd think it's all running in class C, and clipping half the signal off too. I wonder what could be wrong. Indeed, I will have to check out that EQ.

However, that may be only one problem, because, as I stated earlier, there is still some funny distortion without the EQ, but not as bad.

I know I'm kind of posting as I'm analyzing, then analyzing some more, and posting again, that's why it sort of seems like I'm making it all up as I go. Sorry about that.
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