Help! Dipole tweeter and two 6.5 ???? Woofers


2002-04-12 4:41 am
I have two questions

I have built two loudspeakers that are using dipole tweeters (see web site listed in profile). The loudspeakers are a two-way design using Radio Shack 6.5 inch dual voice coil woofers. The specs are very good for Radio Shack speakers. I have two dipole tweeters that are not being used. The woofers are discontinued so I'm not able to make additional channels for the extra dipole tweeters. I'm on a search on finding 6.5 inch woofers for a dual woofer box design. I'm thinking of buying two 6.5 inch Dayton woofers at Parts Express. The Lvc on the Dayton woofers is high. This will make it hard decreasing the bumps in the impedance response and they will be slow. I was also looking at Audax and Vifa woofers but they are expensive if I want to have two in a box.

Q) If I do buy two 6.5 inch Dayton woofers they will be in a 0.75 cubic feet box from Parts Express. The tuning frequency will be ~54.08 Hz. There will be a 3dB hump around 73 Hz but this will be lower when I position them about 4 to 6 feet high. The port dimensions will be 3 inches in diameter by 7 inches in length. I did count for displacement loss of the woofers and the port. I will get a estimate box volume of 0.70 cubic feet box. Each of these boxes will be replicated four times. Will this box be good for these woofers.

Q) Does anybody have software to simulate filters? If you do can you help me design the filter for it. My tweeter is crossed at 3000 hz at -18 dB.

They will be for my surround sound system.