Help diagnosing B1 Build (newbie)

Had my B1 all built and looking pretty good but after hooking up a dual gang pot and trying to avoid wiring the CW/CCW around the wrong way across both channels, I still managed to get it back to front!
Anyway, I've gone and done something odd and the board is currently dead where it was working before.

I've got 24v feeding into it. Putting the multimeter across +ve and ground I can see 24v reaching the board. If I put the +ve probe on the C1 side of R1, I'm not picking up any voltage. I want to make the assumption that I've done something odd to R1 which is a Vishay 3W/1ohm wirewound.

Not sure where I've gone wrong as the volume pot was all I was tinkering with unless I've managed to short something along thew way

Any pointers gratefully received