Help constructing a Headbanger amp


2010-12-21 12:02 pm
I'm trying to build this headphone amp:

There is a little disclosure about grounding:

"Note: Not shown on the schematic is the separation of the input and output grounds. The ground wires from P1 and R1 are connected separately from other grounds to a point on the amp board close to pin 2 of IC1 and IC2."

i got that from HeadBanger Headphone Amp Construction Kit

anyone know which ones on these schematics are the input ground and the output ground - my configurations thus far haven't worked.

are the input and output grounds touching?
I think what it means is that the ground from input socket P1 and volume pots R1 should be connected straight to pin 2 on the 386 chips, then from there to the output ground (which is all other grounds). The input and output grounds must be connected together, but this must be done in the right way to avoid hum or instability.