Help choosing the right amp?!


2010-11-14 7:59 pm
Hi, after recently moving house i decided if the wife can have what she wants i might aswell have myself a great sound system and tv! :)
Anyway, i bought a Sonos ZP120, and a ZP90 for wireless links around the house. They are great ... so baught 4 floor standing speakers (Sony SS-F6000 4-Way Floor Standing Speakers - Electronics at (UK) and found you can only wire up 2 speakers to the sonos ZP120, and the built in amp to the ZP120 does not do the speakers justice.

I now need an amp that will boost the speakers to their top end but would rather not spend far too much on something i dont need.

Any suggestions will be great as i dont really get all this "Watts" "hkz" "hz". :headbash:

Thanks, Marl.