Help checking out a Tek 2465

I happened upon a 2465A from a work related acquaintence which I should have in my hands this coming week. I was given a few pictures of it. It looks very very clean but does not have the top snap bag for holding probes etc. One of the pictures shows the first diagnostic screen - this display looks sharp and even. There's a cal sticker showing it was last calibrated in late 2011. I'd like to find out what checks I can do to get a sense of whether there's anything wrong with it. Thanks.

Oh, I have the operating manual and the calibration manual.
afaik, if it passes all the tests, then there is nothing more to do.

I have one... nice scope.

Put it on the calibrator and look... keep in mind that channels 3 &4 are
not quite the same as 1 & 2.

Also, read the manual, there are a few buttons to push to make it do things that older scopes did with knobs specific for the job.


PS. use a 10x probe normally, this scope has a somewhat limited max input voltage. I'm fixing to buy a 2kv probe for mine...