help calibrating a mercury model 1000 tube tester


2010-10-15 1:17 am
I have read about the calibration of the mercury model 1000 was simular to that of the 2000. I dont think that step 3 of the cal proceedure of the 2000 will work for the 1000. It calls for use of socket 4 , and with the 1000 I get no reaction or satisfaction.

Does anyone have info on the calibration of the model 1000? Or know the person who decided to keep it out of my manual?

You are in luck. I have both a model 1000 and 2000. I'll check for you on the socket issue. The socket numbers on the 1000 and 2000 are not the same, espicially for the socket for the tube type you will be using.

If your unit has never been tampered with, I would not be surprised if it's in calibration now. The only reason to suspect a need to recalibrate is if you change the pilot light (the resistance of the bulb is part of the tranconductance circut), or if you replace the regulator tube.

The model 1000 and 2000 does not use electrilitic caps. The caps used seem to keep there values. exception being if stored in an attic or something like that.