help & suggestions pls

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help & suggestions pls

Hello everyone.
I'm new here so first let me introduce myself. My name is Razvan and I'm a university student specializing in applied electronics, 3rd year. So I know a little bit about electronics.
Now, what i want.
I had many speaker systems for my pc and heard many more. It's time for an upgrade, and this time i want to build my own. I'm not a fan of surround sound and i'm not an audiophile. I need a speaker system with decent power and i'm leaning towards a 2.1 system.
I will be using it at home and for small parties.
I need about 40-70 watts rms per satellite and 80-120 watts rms for the subwoofer.
Let my say first that i can't really afford an "off the shelf" amplifier.
I was thinking of buying a set of 2-way 50 watts rms speakers(active) and adding a diy active subwoofer later. The music i listen to is 99% house & club so i need a pretty good subwoofer. It doesnt have to go very low in the frequency range but it must provide powerful clean bass with a pretty good "kick".
The 2 way speakers i will be buying have bass and treble controls so i was thinking of reducing the bass as it will be picked up by the sub.

So i need suggestions for a sub amplifier, the sub enclosure (sealed or reflex), crossover and mixer.
since you want a subwoofer, maybe you could invest some time for looking in the subwoofer forum. there are lots of nice designs floating around. if you have time look into the tapped horn.

generally speaking, house music doenst have really low bass. nothing interesting below 30 or 40 hz.
what you call kick is mostly in the upper bass and midrange. the resonant frequency of your chest will be around 60-80hz, which is also a main frequency of kick drums. for a good kick, i would use a 12 or 15 inch pro driver up to maybe 500 or even 1000hz, so it can handle all the drums body itself.
Can you post a few woofers that are available to you? It may be that the drivers I recommend aren't available in your country. If you post a link to a speaker that you can buy and you think is a good candidate you will get a lot of opinions to help you choose.

My preference is 10"+ diameter, fs=small, Xmax=big, Qts between 0.4 and 0.7. and as many Watts as you care to provide. Such woofers are easy to build cabinets for.:D
Is there any way we could see the speakers mentioned that you're planning on getting?

Also, your statement about using them for small parties, as well as the fact that you'll probably be using your PC as a source..might allow other options that would work very well, besides a small 2.1. For instance, a pair of reputable 3-way floor standers with a large driver and vented cabinet on the used market, simply powered by a decent 2 channel amplifier connected to the PC. Wouldn't cost much. With a little effort, you're always likely to find quite a few really good deals out there. But then again, as previously stated by another member, I don't know what all is available to you as far as that goes either.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.