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2002-09-19 1:08 am
I've already been on here for a bit now, but I forgot to imtroduce myself, so here it goes.

Hi, I'm Michael, you can call me Mike, Mikey, Mick, or Toots if it makes you happy :)
I'm 20 years of age as of the 18th of September just past.
My electronics/hi-fi experience is limited, and I plan to take Electronics Engineering/Computer Science double degree at RMIT university, Melbourne next year. Then in 5 years time I hope this forum will be alive and kicking so I can contribute somethign more than trivial questions.
However, I am very into the hi-fi scene, and am currently building a pair of ESL's. Further plans to build some directly-coupled amplifiers for these, a few car amlifiers for myself and friends and a few surround sound systems for myself and friends. I will be building Pass projects mainly for the latter of course :)

I like programming, and currently have 3 years of experience with PHP and just beginning Haskell, C, Python and Lisp (which I decided to do as I am getting into artificial intelligence)
One of my most notable programmign achievements would be http://www.picturepoll.com/ which is like www.ratemyface.com and www.facethejury.com but Australian based. It is currently down at the time of this writing, but it will be up again soon.

I also play bass guitar, 8 years now I have been playing, although not so much lately so I have become pretty slow with it. I also like aquariums and have two tanks setup, a 6'x2'x2' and a 6'x14"x18" (LxWxH) with freshwater tropical african cichlids.

Anyway, that's it :)

It'll be good to chat to you all :)