Hi, my name is Quenten. I've been really interested in Home audio for the last four years or so. I just sold all my home theater gear because of my finances. How ever I'm looking to get into DIY audio (speakers). My taste in music is Smooth Jazz, R&B and some rap. Video is important but I listen to about 90% music. I'm looking for a very good but low cost DIY complete speaker kit. I've owned Paradigm studio's Definitive Technology 7000 series, B&W 600 series, Klipsch RF's, and Ascend Acoustics. Love the Paradigms the most. Now that you all know a little bit about my music taste. Where can I get a DIY speaker kit that's a real bargin? Any help will be most appreciated.
Hi Quenten,

Welcome to the forums. Like you, my interests lie in the speakers. I leave all the other stuff to the guys who know. I have been building on and off for about 30 years and never seem to get enough.

Have you looked at the kits from Parts Express? Or up here in Canada there's RAW acoustics with some nice kits. I'd look around on the net and get a few ideas and come back with questions.

What's your budget?