Hello ! :)


2013-04-26 7:33 am
Hi All,

Firstly, a quick hello. I am definitely not someone to ask for help with Hi-Fi, but I do love listening to music on good set ups ! :)

My dad passed away nearly 2 years ago, and was originally trained as an electronics engineer, specifically as a radio tech. The result of his passing has been more weekends than I care to imagine helping mum clear out boxes (and boxes and boxes) of assorted electronics he decided 'would be worth keeping' for some reason or another, many of which were filled with broken things he must have been convinced could be repaired.

Specifically he left a box of what appear to be brand new, never used, still in their original boxes, electronic valves that I want to work out if I can do anything fun with (and make use of my GCSE in electronics that I got a while back !) and if not, see if they are worth anything and ensure they go to someone who will make good use of them as he would have done. Details to follow !