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I have been dabbling in hifi for many years. Having retired recently, I decided to pursue my interest in DIY. However, I don't have any skills or knowledge in electronics to talk of but I do like to learn and I like to get my hands dirty!!

Recently, perhaps out of boredom, I decided to really try my hands (and luck) in trying to build a DAC. This will be the first time I am actually building something from scratch!

My existing DAC was not as clear and transparent as I would have liked. I got it years ago, used. Furthermore, with my limited experience, I thought it would be safer too as the voltages are much lower and non lethal – other than the live connections to the TX!

Needless to say, after some initial start-up problems and heart attacks (after all this was my very first build) I was able to successfully put it together (amazingly), with a lot of help from the seller. It was an interesting journey and I learnt a lot from the process e.g. I found out (after hours of sleep deprivation) what a dry joint really is!!!

I think the DAC sounds nice (well, it is definitely better than ‘old’ one) and I am certainly happy with it. I believe this is best DAC I ever heard. It has to be as ‘I built it!’. Right? Ha ha …

Anyway, I think this forum will help me advance my skills. I have been coming here on and off, just reading the posts. There are certainly lots of experts who I am sure I can learn from. One day, perhaps even I can contribute .

Anyway, thanks for reading.


Thanks and good advice. Where I live, the mains are 220V!

As to the next project, I am not sure what it will be but I will contine with the existing one as apparently, I can add another board and turn the DAC into a fully Balanced version. That would be interesting.

I would also like to make a pre amp. Any suggestions?

Best wishes


Welcome to the forums.

All I can say about mains is that, no matter how trivial the work you are doing, unplug it.

What will be your next project?