Hello to everyone, I'm from Portugal and i have a growing interest about homemade amplifiers.
Actually I'm studying electronics and telecommunications in the University and i'm just in the first year so I don't know a lot of electronic/electrics but I think I can learn something with all this community.

My actual "dream" is to build a amplifier and respective PSU all homemadem with no bought kit's in the internet.

Ps.:My English is a bit rusty and bad trained, sorry for that.
Hello Russo, Your English is much better than my Portuguese. In fact, it's better than the English of many Americans!
I pretty new here also. It's nice to have other newbies. I to am studying for my Electrical Engineering degree, although I'm a little older than most students. I also have an interest in designing my own amp.

Good luck and have fun!



2008-02-10 12:03 am

Once upon a time I was young and very eager to build things,such as amps and home made speakers, by buying the drivers and crossovers and so on, only to realize after hundreds and hundreds of hours, that it was cheaper to buy good quality hardware for cheap. More than 20years ago I 've purchased Crown (studio quality amp and ADS speakers also reference series and I did not have 1 repair an any of the products. It sounds and works great, never mind the fact that there is no way I would be able to afford these items at today's prices.
But I have to admire you for the efford you are trying to put into this project.
Good luck