Hello there everyone

Hi there, I am frankly relieved that there is a resource on the web like this one, nice one guys! I am a psychiatric nurse and have been working in the profession since I was 23 (I am now 28), the profession has been good to me, and now I am a nurse prectitioner who works in a crisis team that is aimed towards keeping people at home when thier regular community support is not proving enough to keep them out of hospital. But enough about that. The reason that I am here, is that I have over the years collected a fair old ammount of equipment, and as the cost of living is so damned high, have started to do PA hire in the evenings. My system is about 4100watts front of house, and I am in need of upgrading my 4 1x12"+cheap piezo horn monitors, the cones are rated at 8 ohms 250w rms + 500 programme and are in good condition. I want to basically add in another 12" driver and a decent compression driver on each of the monitors so that I will have pleanty of headroom. My aplification for these is a pair of Peavey PV 2600's, so that would give me plenty of power without the amp clipping, whilst enabling me to get a different mix on each of the monitors. Although I know that these monitors would be quite big, I have a strong "made to last" work ethic. I am good at pretty much all practical things once I have the knowledge and understanding, and essentially am hoping that this page will help suggest to me what I need to do about crossovers in cabs such as these, they need to be able handle about 800 watts of rms power ideally, and need to crossover at about 3khz, but need to cater for a 4 ohm bass impedence (2x8 ohm drivers in parallel) and an 8 ohm treble impedence. If you could let me know that would be great, I am sorry if this is enetered into the wrong place, but no worries if it is, the site was asking for background info, and this seemed to be pertinent. Cheers guys.