Hello there, and thanks for having me aboard.

I have lurked and read for a few years now, and it's time to give in and thank those who did work and trials so I don't have to. I enjoyed the "On Line Tube Learning" thread,, and the wealth of info in links therein, and the massive amount of other randomness google told to me to find here, Many basic stickies are fundamental for a guy like me and have bookmarked and referenced (fairly) often. I am noob(ish) to electronics, but not so much to audio, and not at all to other DIY'schtuff. I look forward to learning more and hope I can contribute something. Thanks for having me over.
Hello - and Welcome to diyAudio!!! :D:D:D

1st lesson - Safety
2nd lesson - remote power turn off away from the unit under flame.
3rd lesson - fire extinguishers
4th lesson - errrr - uhhhh - hmmmm - where the heck did I leave my notes at?

Hey - actually this is a great hobby with lots of enjoyment to be had and some great people to pal around with! Not that I'm necessarily one of them - but heck - Ya never know!!! ;)