Hello, thanks and a question.

Hello; firstly, thank you to all the members for so openly sharing their knowledge and the admins for providing such a terrific resource.

I’m a carpenter and joiner (hopefully that’s an advantage) from smokey old Sydney Au I have (or rather had) zero electrical - acoustic understanding; only the incidental understanding that comes from years of playing guitar and customising some pedals.

I’ve been wanting to make my own amplifier and speakers for while, a long while. I’ve been reading posts and threads; making notes, doing some research, procrastinating, and as I’m how finding answers I understand (rather than “answers” that just raise more questions); I think I’m ready to start making some constructive mistakes of my own.

Thanks again; Will Doyle

ps; I’m (ominously) confident with the amp i’ve started but I would love some feedback on my proposed 2 way system with passive radiator, should I simply post a question in the “multi way” thread?