Hello & Question about "Basta!"


2020-01-15 3:52 pm
Hi (c:
I'm french, Full Range liker and Im glad to be on this forum.
These days I try to build 2 parallel on-wall enclosures, bass reflex, for the Fostex FF165Wk.
Of course I want to limitate baffle step, and I try some simulations on Basta!, with the 'Baffle designer' tool.

My enclosures will be H74xL23cm, and 16.6cm deep.
When I check the baffle/wall distance on the "Baffle designer", do I have to enter 0 mm, or do I count the 166mm enclosure deepness?
Does 0 mm means it is "in-wall"?

Here's a screen shot to explain (I put 1 mm in this exemple).

Thanks in advance!


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