Hello, my name is...

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... not available in public.

You get to call me mmmmna, since I prefer to control my privacy in my own way. That sounds like I'm snobby, but I was burned (gently) years ago when I posted public information, this nickname thing is more a necessity. ;)

I've spent a large part of my life in power electronics. My first job out of high school was as a transformer tester, testing from 5VA to 2500VA powerline devices. A stint in retail convinced me that people can really be jerks, so I went back to electronics where the rules of engagement could be more easily discerned.

I've only worked in the 'northern' New England area, having touched base at many power supply companies in the northern reaches of Massachusetts and southern to middle New Hampshire. After the above retail fiasco, I started as an assembler for an OEM where I worked my way up through to their Engineering department. I borrowed some home study texts from a fellow employee, but could not get any degree as the course providers were no longer in existence. After a few months in their Engineering area, I actually designed a family of brick type DC-DC converters (low power stuff, 10 watts output), but I think calling me an 'Engineer' would be a stretch. After releasing that family of converters into production, I was sorely disappointed that my raise was well over 100 days late, so I started fielding offers and ultimately took a 25% raise when I switched employers. Since then, I've continuously worked in Engineering.

I've worked for a power conversion defense subcontractor (doing SMT, no less!), I've worked on electronic ballasts (love those arc-discharge lamps) and I've worked at 2 competing 'brick' power supply companies. I'm presently unemployed and available for simpler positions in Central NH, as my income needs are reduced due to paying off the mortgage years ago. You'll will get a lot for your money, as I put my heart into my work.

I prefer to use PCLinuxOS Linux, mostly because I like the abu..... I mean... umm... I hate how Microsoft alienated me 3 times in 5 years. :eek:

That segues into hobbies: first and foremost, is Linux (I'm a former administrator and moderator for an online forum regarding Linux), then electronics in general. I have a basement workshop full of Electronics junk, but I've decided I really like PCs and DIY Audio. After all, hooking up a speaker (15" Electrodynamic, I think it was from a Seeburg organ since I lived a block away from a Seeburg factory) was what started all this! I love PWM, and I may have a real honest to goodness home audio project in the next few years: converting the gutted skeleton of a Peavey CS400 into a PWM based audio amp. I own dozens of component catalogs as I was co-titled as a Component Engineer at one employer. I collect older Macintosh computers, preferring 680x0 macs but I do own a Power Mac.

And I can get rather strong about personal choices - tell me your choices, I'll tell you mine, but diyA policy says no flaming me for my choices, right? :D
Hooo boy. Lotsa stuff happened.

I was stumbling along, using StumbleUpon, and settled into an engineering theme. Then I got to a page of an article (here) about TriPath going away. Seemed eerily familiar. Searched through the memberlist.... found I was registered and here I am again!

Lets see.... I gotta keep reading....

Thanks for the welcomes!
welcome back, mmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnna
(crazy name :D )

so you will post some crazy ideas, no doubt
and some less crazy stuff, too, i hope

let's see what you have on your american diy audio mind, mate

regars lineup

I have tried Linux - both very small and also the big wellknown distributions
Right now, for some practical reasons, I am on WinXP

But being for internet open source ( PHP & Software ) I am at heart more of a Linux guy
Maybe some day soon I will try use linux again for my main PC system

I have done a lot of PHP Programming, useful webscripts, of my own
I am one PHP Script programmer, you can say,
besides being one very active Diy Audio Amplifier guy

regars :) again
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