Hello from Space City U.S.A.

Houston, Texas that is. :)

Signed up a few days ago because diyaudio seems like a place with lots of good technical info but also has a relaxed vibe to it that helps make it a fun & interesting place to hang out.

I haven't built anything since the early 80s but have some designs - traditional ones and a couple oddballs - that have been kicking around my head since then & have always wanted to try them out.

Looking forward to discussing them. :cool:
Hi SY,

What band? I've always liked traditional country (George Jones, Loretta Lynn, etc) and western (Ian Tyson, Chris Ledoux) but also bands like The Wagoneers which I guess could be called alternative country. Too bad they're not around anymore. As far as Houston is concerned, I've been trying to track down an EP put out back in 2002 by a group called El Toro, who did "surfer" rock music - fun stuff!
Robert Ellis and the Boys. They.....
Thanks SY.

All on LP's, I couldn't take the weed/tire fumes in the back of actual live concerts.
:D Actually that bothers me too, plus at least as far as "big name" concerts (like Rush and The Cars), I finally tired of dealing with the huge crowds and overpriced tickets.